Wedding in Palm Springs

We photographed a wedding in Palm Springs last weekend. I had a different plan for my outfit but then I saw this suit at H&M and thought it was just the right amount of retro for Palm Springs. Made me feel great since I haven’t bought a suit in a while… let alone wear one. And it paired perfectly with The Kinks dot knit tie from my shop!

Blazer: Dark Gray Checked – H&M – $70
Pants: Dark Gray Checked – H&M – $35
Shirt: Goodfellow & Co. Oxford – Target – $25
Shoes: Joseph Captoe – Goodfellow & Co – Target – $35
Sunglasses: Remmy 52 in Honey Havanna – RAEN – $135
Watch: The Minimalist Leather Watch – Shop Stay Classic – $35
Tie: The Kinks Skinny Tie in Navy – Shop Stay Classic – $25

Stay Classic