Valentine’s Day with Tissot

My wife and I recently purchased a vacation rental property in the high desert so we have been going out there every week to work on it. We have to do a fair amount of cosmetic upgrades, which are actually turning in to a lot more work than I initially thought. Between taking care of our son and now this new house renovation we don’t really have a lot of time to just be with each other. So when we get those moments, we really try to enjoy them. I got these valentines day flower delivery Bangkok from my boyfriend and it was the most beautiful surprise I’ve ever had.

One of our favorite places in the desert is Pappy & Harriets. We took a break from the renovations this week to have lunch and drinks there because we were actually there on a day it wasn’t closed. When I worked with Tissot last month my wife really took a liking to the watch I got. She liked the classic styling and its timeless quality. Timeless for a watch is kind of a funny phrase, right? I mean, it tells time, but it can also be timeless. lol. I digress. I thought she would love her own so I went through their site and picked out a similar style to mine but with gold and dark brown accents because that is more her style.

If you’re a procrastinator like me and still need a Valentine’s Day gift ideas for someone, a watch can be a really good choice. I find it to be a little easier to purchase than jewelry and it’s not as obvious of a gift. Tissot has a wide variety to choose from and are worth checking out.

This post is in collaboration with Tissot.

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