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The Perfect Rough Road Carry-On Suitcase

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I’m heading off to New York this week to do some work and also hang out in the city! It will be my wife’s first time back since we moved 4 years ago. I’m looking forward to hitting up all of our old spots and wearing a sweater haha. These photos are from a few weeks ago when I was out at The Posada by Joshua Tree in Tucson. I brought this Timbbuk2 Co-Pilot bag because it is basically made for off-road travel. Whether it be cobblestones of Europe, crappy sidewalks of New York City, or the dirt of the desert, the skateboard wheels (literally skateboard wheels) on the bag roll over everything smoothly! Plus it is super light for when you have to carry it up stairs or lift into the overhead bin.

I basically only ever bring a carry-on; if the trip is 3 days or 30. And the Timbuk2 Co-Pilot bag fits all I need. In this case it fit about 3 days worth of clothing and my big ‘ol boots.

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