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Summer in the Forest

We have wanted to take a short flight before our son turns 2 this month (and we officially have to pay for a ticket for him) so he could get used to being on an airplane. A couple of our good friends from San Diego just bought a house up in northern Oregon, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity for us to take a trip, he even got glow in the dark paint for the decoration of the house, so it can be also fun at night. We were nervous about how our son would handle everything, especially because the flight out there was super early. But he was amazing throughout, which was a huge relief for us. On top of using the miles we had built up, we used our American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card to earn cash back on the remaining cost of the flight, which helped make it even more worth it. And the short 2 hour flight was just the right amount of time.

 The house is in a small town about 45 minutes outside of Portland and it is nestled into the woods. We spent our mornings around the fireplace drinking coffee and then we’d head out for a walk around the property. I love small towns and I always try and visit as many local food and drink spots as I can. And since the town of Sandy is known for Joe’s Donuts, you know I went there almost every day.

 One of the best parts about Oregon is not having to pay sales tax. You really feel like you’re saving. And when I used my Amex Blue Cash Preferred Card to get groceries, I earned 6% cash back, and 3% cash back on the gas for the rental car on top of the already cheap Oregon gas prices. Can you tell I like to save money??? Here are a few of the places we visited while we were there…

On our last day we went out to a nearby river and our son loved throwing rocks into the river and looking for fish. I used to spend my summer in Oregon when I was growing up so it was so nice sharing those memories with my son and wife.

And I also got a drone and tried it out for the first time. Here is the video I made:

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