Suit Separates with Stitch Fix Men

I first worked with Stitch Fix Men last year to try out their styling service. I thought it was a great idea for guys that are either unsure about style about style or who just don’t have the time or energy to shop. I’m finding less and less time and energy to shop lately so I’ve actually been getting fixes every couple of weeks since the last time I worked with them just to see if anything new is out there. And I’ve discovered some new brands out of the fixes. So when Stitch Fix Men contacted me about some new features they are rolling out I was definitely interested. Some of the new features are extended sizes, adding basics to your fixes, more active wear, linen suits and my favorite: more tailoring options.

With Stitch Fix Men you answer a kind of questionnaire, mainly by picking “what outfit would you wear” from a bunch of outfits, and then you get a personal stylist who makes selections for you either every two weeks, month, 2 months, whatever you want. Her you will get a best 2 piece suits for your personal style.  And you can link your Instagram account and Pinterest and they actually look at those to get a better vibe for your style, where you live, and what you’re interested in. Then you get a box of stuff delivered to your door and you try and and keep or return the items. And all you pay is the $20 to your stylist for each fix, but if you keep anything that fee is discounted from the items you keep.

On top of your stylist checking out your lifestyle as posted online, and your Pinterest boards, you can also specify what you’re looking for or what you’re in need of. Have a wedding coming up? Mention that. Going on a tropical vacation? They’ll hook you up. It makes it pretty easy. And when you get your items you answer multiple choice questions about how you liked each item, how they fit, if the price was ok, etc. That way they will know for next time.

I think that Stitch Fix Men is a pretty great service for guys because I know a lot of you out there are still finding your style or just hate shopping. Stitch Fix Men is great for raising brand awareness and helping you hone in on your personal style! And even if you have your own personal style, as I do… the items in these photos were all in the fix and I think that if other people got the same fix they would style it completely differently. So even if you aren’t selecting the items yourself, you can still add your own flair while playing with new items.

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