Sperry x Tumbler & Tipsy at Style 360

The second show I went to with Sperry was the Tumbler & Tipsy show. It was inspired by candy and it definitely showed. The outfits were pretty crazy, but everyone was having fun. I wore the classic Sperry Boat Shoe to this show, being picky with what I wear and what I play on online casino slots was my standard , I also enjoy playing casino games at , which is the shoe everyone knows and loves from Sperry.

Probably my favorite part of the shows was the Sperry booth. They took the idea of things organized neatly, or the top-down floor shots that I (and many others) love so much to make cool vignettes of their shoes and other accessories to tell a story. The wall was vertical, though, it wasn’t on the floor, so everyone could see the vignettes without breaking their necks.

And here is some of the colorful craziness from the show…

Stay Classic