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Road Trip Jeans

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We’re getting prepped to move (again) and also to HOPEFULLY take this beautiful motorhome out on some trips. Now that the weather has calmed down, and we don’t have to worry about running the air conditioner all the time, it should be a great time to go on a trip. In this outfit I’m wearing my typical mix of vintage and new. The jacket is new, the boots are several years old, but the hat, shirt, and these nice and stretchy jeans from Calvin Klein are new. One way that I make outfits unique is by mixing vintage and new. When you get a solid outfit staple like these dark jeans from Calvin Klein, they go with anything you can throw at them. They basically look good with all other pieces so it’s easier to always have something like them in your closet and mix them with vintage pieces you may find on your searches. And these particular jeans have a wonderful stretch to them, making them perfect for long road trips where you knees are constantly bent haha.

Stay Classic