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Pasta, Wine, and Gelato.

A typical day for us in Italy consists of breakfast at home, then an outing of some kind, then lunch and another outing, then dinner and gelato. With wine and Spritzes sprinkled throughout.

One of our favorite places that we’ve discovered is called La Grotta di Leo. We initially went there because of decent reviews but mostly because it had our son’s name in it. We love that it is open all day and doesn’t close for La Pausa (when restaurants close for about 3-4 hours in the middle of the day). Sometimes we are hungry at 5 or 6, or we need to eat then because of our kid’s schedule. So it works out. Plus their food is great and there are a ton of choices. This last time I got Spaghetti Carretiera, which was this amazing garlicky spicy tomato sauce with spaghetti.

It’s so freggin hot and humid here, though, so we pretty much always want gelato. After dinner, we almost always go to our favorite gelato place called Gelateria La Carraia. It’s only 1€ for a single flavor, and the scoops are huge. Some days we go a couple times. Or, like this time, I get two.

I also went shopping for new pants and a different blazer because I am feeling a little stuck in my options for this month lol. Got some new pants, but no new blazer. But I did get this pocket square from this really cool store called Gutteridge.

Blazer: Linen – H&M – $40
Shirt: Henley – Goodfellow & Co. – Target – $13
Jeans: Skinny in Wooster – Mott & Bow (c/o)
Shoes: Style Purpose Blucher – Rockport – Zappos – $100
Watch: The Minimalist Leather Watch – Shop Stay Classic – $35
Pocket Square: Gutteridge (Italian store) – $10
Sunglasses: Topman – Nordstrom – $25
No Show Socks: Amazon – $18 (8 pack)

Stay Classic