Palm Springs Pool Sneak

One of the days we were out in Joshua Tree we popped down to Palm Springs. It was almost 100 degrees so we snuck into the Ace Hotel pool, he has a good point about 100 degrees and I think the same. It wasn’t really sneaking in, as it is super easy to just walk in, but nevertheless we technically had to pay to be there. But we got lunch and cocktails by the pool so they still got paid. I wore this new flamingo shirt by Artistry in Motion that I got from Stitch Fix. And also this striped shirt from Goodfellow & Co.

Express has been having so many sales lately! I picked up this burgundy suit and polka dot shirt in anticipation of some holiday parties that are coming up. The whole thing came up to just under $350, which is a steal. And it fits me perfectly, which is the only way I like to buy a suit. I’m too lazy for tailoring, I did the same thing with my alpaca winter collection.

I wore the suit out to a little dinner my wife and I had at this Italian restaurant called Volare; which we are obsessed with now. I felt like I was back in NYC wearing a suit during the day for kinda no reason other than I looked damn good.

Stay Classic