New Summer Swim

Now that the weather is getting warmer I’ve been popping more and more into swim trunks. I prefer trunks with mesh lining because (TMI coming up!…) my junk just gets so irritated with boardshorts and those damn velcro strips! I need to be wined and dined down there. The Cadiz from Retromarine are so insanely soft and the length is perfect. I love the paisley pattern and color of my Dales from Mr. Swim too. And the lining is nice and soft. I also haven’t worn them yet, but these cactus trunks from JackThreads will be worn very soon. And of course my boy is wearing some a swim diaper covered in flamingos from Honest. I made a little list of some others that I think are cool at the end of the post.


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New Summer Swim - Stay Classic
Stay Classic