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Modern and Traditional in the Oltrarno

Thanks to Zappos and Rockport for sponsoring this post.

Before we left for Italy I wanted to load up on some new pieces to wear while we are here. I got some new shirts and brought some pants and sunglasses back into rotation, but then I realized I wanted some new shoes as well. And being me I waited until the last minute to get some. But luckily I came across these bluchers from Rockport on Zappos. I knew I’d be able to get them the next day and make sure they worked, and I could send them back and get a different pair for free if they didn’t work out. Luckily they did! They are a perfect shoe for casual or formal occasions. And they are super comfortable to walk in, which is what I did a lot of this day.

We’ve been trying our best to find playgrounds for our little kid while we are in Florence since he doesn’t really seem to care too much about historic architecture and scenery lol. So at least he is happy on a slide. This day we headed to the Oltrarno area of Florence, which is the more “neighborhoody” and quieter area on the “other side” of the Arno river. We prefer this area and it is way better for kids.

After the playground, I went to my trusty Google Maps and saw that I had this old trattoria bookmarked called Trattoria Sabatino that has been around since 1956. It has a new menu every day and I really want to see the printer that they use to print the menus lol. We got pasta, white beans, and eggplant parmigiana. And a freggin 1/4 liter (just over 8 ounces) of wine was 1.30€. I can’t get over how cheap the wine is here!!

After lunch we went to this place we had walked by a few days before, it is called Santa Rosa Bistro. It is very modern and looked really cool so I knew we had to check it out. We grabbed a couple Spritzes and I got an espresso lungo (my drink of choice in Italy). We drank and watched our boy run around the rose garden and grass. We’ll definitely be coming back to this place.

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