June 27, 2017

Lately I have been wanting to get back to “dressing up” a little more like I used to. It’s just so hard because one: I have a kid and I feel like I don’t even really leave the house to do anything other than go to the market or ship orders; and two: being in San Diego really doesn’t make me want to dress up since pretty much no one else does. So I am trying. I just picked up this blazer and shirt from H&M and because it’s so hot I wanted to show the 2 ways I would wear it, which is essentially just taking off the blazer.

People ask me if it’s okay to wear a short sleeved shirt under a blazer and I say “who gives a shit?” No one knows it’s short sleeved, unless you are a stickler for having the little bit of sleeve peek out from your blazer sleeve. I also opted for cuffing the sleeves for the added contrast and vintage throwback. I have also been wearing one extra button undone lately with particularly summery outfits. I think I feel like I am of the age to do so now I guess.

Blazer: Linen Slim Fit – H&M – $80
Shirt: Short Sleeved Slim Fit – H&M – $8
Pants: Bonobos  (Similar)
Shoes: Adrian Monk Strap (old) – Banana Republic – $90 (similar, 2)
Watch – The Minimalist Leather Watch in 40mm – Shop Stay Classic – $30
Sunglasses: Remmy 52 in Brindle Tortoise – RAEN (c/o)

Stay Classic