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Inspired By Forrest Gump

We’ll I’ve gone and done it again. Since my Inspired By Kevin McCallister post was so popular (it actually caused my site to crash and get hacked lol) I figured I’d do another Inspired By. This time it is Forrest Gump. I actually can’t take credit for the idea of this one, though. When I first posted on Instagram that I got these Nike Killshot 2 shoes (I bought the wrong size, though, so if you are a 9.5 I’m selling them on my store), one of my followers said he feels like Forrest Gump when he wears them. So I just went for it. Of course I tried to make it a little cooler but I went with this old Topman suit I had and a plaid linen shirt from J. Crew Factory. Perfect for shrimp boats. I mean, how good is that movie? Damn. Hope you enjoy the fun I had with it. Who should I do next?

I must of drank me about fifteen Dr. Peppers.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Stay Classic