Inspiration with

There is a new site I just discovered called It’s essentially an organization and inspiration tool of curated photos from all over the web. Always high quality, never from the front facing camera of an iPhone. If you are looking for ways to wear boots in a classic way during summer, you can filter photos based on something that specific. If you just want to get some winter inspiration, you can do a broad search like that as well. You can also look for hair styles and even beard styles and based on hair color too. I love that the photos link back to the real original source, rather than a Tumblr or just a Google image search. You can also collaborate with other users so if you are planning a wedding, for instance, and are gathering outfit ideas. Or planning a trip to Europe. There are a lot of options and it is all really nicely laid out. Check it out, and add some of my stuff to your collections!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to make some grate collections, sign up to be a curator here. And apps for mobile are coming soon!

Stay Classic