Holiday Party

I had another holiday party to go to and the prompt was black tie again. Not tiki this time, though. I had seen this plaid blazer on JackThreads last year and I wanted to buy it for a Christmas party but once the baby came and we moved back to CA I knew a party wasn’t in the cards. But now that we have things a bit more under control, when the invite came for this party I knew the jacket would work perfectly for it. So I searched online and found it. This time on Kohl’s of all places. See, people… you can find stuff at all kinds of different stores.

When I started to piece the outfit together I had the idea to wear white socks with it. I thought it would be a bit of a throw back to the 50s and Elvis, and also a bit of Michael Jackson. I went back and forth on the idea and I finally just said SCREW IT and I did it. I think was fun and it was appropriate for the type of holiday party it was; which was a bunch of creatives getting together to drink cocktails and dance in a warehouse. It is funny how other people interpreted “black tie”, though. I guess jeans and a button up are fancy to some.

I also forgot to bring a pocket square, which I often do, so I got all MacGyver and just cut a piece of cardboard to fit. I’ve done this many times before, usually when we travel, and I’ve used napkins, business cars, menus, whatever is around. It gets the job done.


Blazer: Plaid Tuxedo Blazer – WD.NY – Kohl’s – $98
Shirt: Premium Cotton Shirt – H&M – $39
Pants: MOGU Suit Pants – Amazon – $27
Bow Tie – Topman  – $15 (similar)
Watch: The Vegan Minimalist Watch in Black – Shop Stay Classic – $20
Shoes: Bruno Wingtips in Prince 5 Black- Amazon – $35

Stay Classic