Be One of The Greats

It’s no secret that I have been wearing sneakers a lot more lately. Things are just so much more casual in Southern California and I have begun to submit to the casualness. Enter Brooklyn-based, made in Italy, luxury direct-to-consumer sneaker maker Greats.

When I checked out their site I was drawn to The Pronto and The Royale. I liked the vintage styling of The Pronto and the clean low-top look of The Royale. I ultimately went with The Royale in Graphite because I thought they may go with more outfits of mine. People always say Italian made stuff is superior in quality, and I gotta say, these things feel slick. The inside is lined with leather which makes them feel really creamy on your feet. I know, weird statement, but it’s true.

If you’re a sneakerhead, or sneaker-curious, I would definitely check out Greats.

Stay Classic