Another Desert Road Trip

We headed back out to our desert house for a couple days this week. It was one of the only times we’ve been out when I didn’t really have to do a bunch of work on the house. So it was pretty nice. On the drive out we stopped at a new place called The Florence to grab breakfast. Then we headed to the Cabazon Dinosaurs because our kid is in a bit of a dino phase.

Getting to our desert house is always a great feeling. We put our hearts into the design and it’s nice to be able to enjoy it. It’s so weird that we own a house that we barely ever spend any time in. You can book it on AirBnB though! We met up with some friends and went for a sunset hike through the insane wildflowers that have sprung up in Joshua Tree National Park. It was a kind of exclusive trail that they knew about because they lived close by to it. It was just us and the wildflowers. And I wore this new shirt I designed that is inspired by my favorite show: Seinfeld. Did you catch the reference? Grab it here.
Stay Classic