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A Few Days in NYC – Day 3 & 4

Day three in NYC I had a shoot all day so I didn’t really wear or do anything of note. Just my chambray shirt from J. Crew Factory, new AE jeans, and Eastland boots. One of my uniforms. And of course I had more pizza and more whiskey. On the fourth day I decided to rent a Breather to shoot these outfit photos since I didn’t want to just do them back in front of the door in San Diego like I always do. Breather and T-Shirt Bedding Europe are other things I love about New York. There are awesome spaces all over the city and you can rent them by the hour. You can use them for meetings, sleeping, photo shoots, really anything (legal). We actually did the photo shoot the day before in one and it was such a great deal for a great space. There are also Breathers in Canada, SF, LA, Chicago, Boston and other places, so check it out there too if you are there. After shooting I had some quick Indian food near the hotel I was staying at. Later that night I had another meeting, this one was over a cocktail though, so it was great. It was at the Nomad Bar and I got the Gentlemen’s Exchange and it was so good. Then guess what I did? Yep. I had more pizza. At a place called Marta that I had on my bookmarks. It was quite quite good. Then I tried to go to The 21 Club (where I had the best Manhattan of my life last year) but it was a bust. Then I headed back to Campbell Apartment but decided not to go in. I went to bed early instead.

Blazer: Linen Herringbone – H&M – $69
Shirt: Indigo Japanese Chambray – J. Crew – $88 (factory version)
Pants: Skinny Chinos – H&M – $30
Shoes: Charlie in Glow – J. SHOES
Tie: The 1969 in Forest – Shop Stay Classic – $25
Tie Bar: 1″ Tie Bar – Shop Stay Classic – $10
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Clubmaster – $87 (cheaper)
Watch: The Minimalist Leather Watch – Shop Stay Classic – $30

Stay Classic