Summer in Fall

November 17, 2016

It’s been a solid week of 80+ degree weather in San Diego. With some days reaching over 90. So this outfit is a bit of Summer in Fall. I went with the untucked-shirt-with-blazer look for the first time. I think it works for this outfit because it is super casual. And it is a short sleeve shirt too.

Blazer: Linen Herringbone – H&M – $69
Shirt: Gap Factory – $24
Jeans: American Eagle – $20 (similar)
Shoes: Charlie in Dark Olive – J. Shoes (other colors)
Sunglasses: Remmy 52 in Brindle Tortoise – RAEN (c/o)
Hat: from a flea market – $12 (similar, 2)

Getting Older Day by Day

November 16, 2016

I pretty much never thought I’d be posting about something like this, but you know what? Life happens! And this is something that is near and dear to me. All right, let’s delve right in: hair loss.

As I have been getting older I have been noticing a thinning in my hair. I ignored it for some time, but it’s happening. My grandpa went bald, my dad has thinning hair, so it only makes sense I would experience hereditary hair loss. Mine is in the form of a thinning around the front hairline, but it is most common to start at the crown (top back) of the head. I’m sure you’ve heard of Rogaine® before, but probably didn’t think you needed it. Or maybe felt some shame for some reason to use it. Well, let me tell you, if it could work for you, USE IT! At least try it! I would say that nothing annoys me more about my appearance than seeing my hairline decrease. And I totally relate to their “Future You” videos I posted below.

Some people start to lose their hair as early as their 20s and 32% of men report hair loss by 35. So it isn’t as uncommon as you may think and now you can treat it from the get-go. And most people see results after about 3 months of using the product. I know there is a stigma for a lot of guys to use products that affect their appearance. It’s a stupid underlying machismo from millions of years of evolution. But there comes a time when one should swallow their pride and do what is best for them. I mean, no one even has to know in this case! But don’t feel ashamed if you need to use something like this. It will only improve how you feel and look! Find it at Walgreens online.

This post is in association with Rogaine®. But seriously, the thoughts and opinions on this are very much my own!

Date Night Tiki

November 15, 2016

My parents offered to watch our baby for a couple days so my wife and I could catch up on some desperately needed sleep, work, and quality time together. We have done SO MANY things in the short time because we haven’t had to be at baby’s every beck and call, it’s crazy! Plus we also were able to check out some places on my bookmarks that we hadn’t been able to go to. One of those is a new tiki bar called False Idol in downtown San Diego. It’s located through a refrigerator in the restaurant Craft + Commerce. Once you enter it’s a different world. Complete with a wall fountain waterfall thing. The drinks were delicious and strong! And it was nice to get dressed up and have some time to ourselves.

Blazer: The NottinghamBonobos – $227 (similar)
Shirt: Secret Wash in Fox Red Floral – J. Crew – $41
Jeans: Levi’s 510 – Amazon – $49
Boots: Dario Wingtip – Vince Camuto – $105
Watch: The Vegan Minimalist Watch – Shop Stay Classic
Sunglasses: Remmy 52 in Brindle Tortoise – RAEN (c/o)

Setting Up My Stduio

November 9, 2016

Thanks to Zappos for sponsoring this post.

I recently acquired a studio space in San Diego. I needed a place to have all the stock for Shop Stay Classic as well as a place to shoot and meet with clients. It’s working out pretty well so far but I am still setting it up. I hope to be able to have sales there of stuff from my closet so people can actually try stuff on.

I had to get a bunch of stuff from IKEA, of course… mainly shelving units to be able to organize things better. I went with my son and he had a great time being pushed around on the cart. Also, have you ever eaten at their cafe? We LOVE it! It’s like $10 to feed 3 people, and now with their veggie balls it’s even better! And all the food is made from quality ingredients and GMO free. Annnnnnd with the family card you get free coffee! And don’t forget to grab a $1 vanilla cone on your way out!!!!!

I have also been working at a coop workshop as well. I’ve been mainly using the wood shop and I have been working on some live edge materials. A few days ago I made us a very basic bed frame. It’s nice to be able to have a place to use all the tools that isn’t my back yard.

You’ve probably noticed my new Rockport chukkas throughout the photos. Ever since my old pair of chukkas that I used to wear all the time finally fell apart I have been trying to replace them. So far these are the closest to what I like in a chukka… thin, light and comfortable. Their cushy footbed is great for standing working in the shop too. And I got them from Zappos, which has free 2 day shipping and returns (1 day if you’re VIP) so that made it easier. I actually needed to get a different pair because the first size I bought was too big, but I had them by the next day. Sweet.


One Foggy Morning

November 7, 2016

Well, it happened. The damn time has changed back into standard time and now everything is ruined! I hated the time change when I was just a normal person, but now that I have a kid to take care it is even worse! Just when you think you’re getting into the grove of sleep patterns the time changes. Why do we still do daylight savings?? It’s almost reason enough to move to Arizona!

Well, whatever. One benefit was that we got up so early on Sunday that we were able to take advantage of the dense morning fog that rolled in. We got up, got dressed, and headed to Sunset Cliffs to take some pictures in the fog. I am pretty obsessed with Old Navy now, and everything but the boots and watch in this outfit are from Old Navy. And everything was on super sale when I got it so it made the whole purchase even sweeter! I’m excited to wear this shearling denim jacket when if it starts getting cold around here. And I love the yellow color of this sweater! And as you have probably noticed, I’ve only been wearing these jeans lately.

Jacket: Sherpa-Lined Denim Jacket – Old Navy – $45
Sweater: Textured Cable-Knit Sweater in Golden Ticket – Old Navy – $39
Shirt: Slim-Fit Oxford Stretch Shirt in Stone Fruit – Old Navy – $15
Jeans: Built-In Flex Skinny Jeans in Rinse – Old Navy – $18
Beanie: Cuffed Marled Beanie in Gray – Old Navy – $3 (similar)

This post was sponsored by Old Navy.

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