July 25, 2016

The opposite of what Jon Snow has been saying for 7 seasons… Summer is here! And it’s hot. Very hot. So it’s time to change your wardrobe to some lighter fabrics, and cotton is the best fabric choice for summer. It’s natural, breathable, lightweight, and doesn’t retain your stinky odor. You know you stink. We all do. Even George Costanza knows people would be CoolerInCotton! Check out this video from Cotton about why you should be wearing cotton during summer. Check out the giveaway after the video.

I remember my summers in NYC, and damn they were brutal. At least I have a car with air conditioning to get from place to place now. But when I’m photographing a summer wedding I gotta wear the correct fabrics. And this outfit is something I would wear to photograph an August wedding in the hot hot heat. So when you’re looking at buying stuff for your summer wardrobe try and make sure it’s mostly cotton if you want to stay cool. And remember, cotton is in everything from denim to shirts to slacks to underwear, just check the label!

Most of this outfit is J. Crew and #CoolerInCotton, SheSpeaks, and I would love to offer one lucky reader a chance for a $100 giftcard to J. Crew! All you need to do is comment and tag someone on this Instagram post and you will be entered to win! You only have until midnight on August 4 to enter! So DO IT! Only one entry per person.

Shirt: Slub Cotton Shirt in Stripe – J. Crew – $40
Pants: Factory Driggs Flecked Pants – J. Crew Factory – $32
Shoes: Kaden Oxford – Robert Wayne – Amazon – $40
Watch: The Vegan Minimalist Watch – Shop Stay Classic – $20
Sunglasses: Castro Round – A.J. Morgan – Amazon – $13

#CoolerInCotton Giveaway is open to US residents 18+. Entrants must comment my #CoolerInCotton Instagram photo to enter. Enter through 8/4. Prize is one $100 gift card to J. Crew.

Compensation/Product for this post was provided by SheSpeaks/Cotton. The opinions expressed herein are mine alone and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of SheSpeaks/Cotton.”   

July 21, 2016.

July 21, 2016

If you weren’t able to get early access to the big Nordstrom anniversary sale then tomorrow is your day. On July 22 the sale is open to the public and the items are not only spring and summer! This outfit is a great transition to fall with the summery khaki denim jacket and t-shirt for those days when it is still a bit warm during the day and cooler at night. I like the edge the ripped skinny black denim brings to the outfit as well. Head over to Nordstrom and check out The Rail for some more trendy/hip items from brands like Topman and 1901.

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Italian Inspired Summer Suiting

July 13, 2016

There isn’t anything quite like summer style in Italy. Whenever I see pics from the June Pitti Uomo I get so inspired (and jealous) by all the slick suits and overall attitude of the Italian men. I could definitely do without the cigars and cigarettes, though. This post is inspired by that. I grabbed this awesome stone/khaki/gray/whatever suit by Topman from Nordstrom because I could get free shipping and return it to the store if it didn’t work out. Rather than waiting to get it from Topman directly. I love the peak lapels and the tone of the suit. I added a blue linen shirt, unbuttoned one extra button, and put on some new sunglasses that I thought had an Italian edge. Loafer socks and J. Shoes Charlie oxfords finish it off. Now all I need is to get to Capri or Positano. I’ll have to settle for San Diego for now.

All of these items are from Nordstrom, and their HUMONGOUS anniversary sale starts on July 14th if you have a Nordstrom debit or credit card. The deals are going to be great, and you can shop the sale without a card on July 24th but the prices go up August 8. So you’ll want to shop sooner rather than later. There are lots of deals on the entire store so check it out! Learn all about it here. Andiamo!

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Reinvent Obsession with HP

July 11, 2016

One of the best parts of having this blog is being able to work with great brands on exciting campaigns. And one of the coolest things I’ve done lately is partner with HP for the launch video campaign of their new laptop: The HP Spectre. You may have seen my teaser on Twitter  while I was in Hollywood for a couple days shooting the video. It was directed by the amazing Tatia Pilieva; you’ve probably seen her other videos like “First Kiss” or “Undress Me.” When I heard she was going to be directing I immediately assumed I would be naked and making out with a computer. Sadly I didn’t get to kiss any computers (on set at least), and my clothes remained on. The set was all white with a few black monoliths that reminded me of 2001: A Space Odyssey, which I loved. Tatia asked me a bunch of questions, some normal, some a little out-there like “have you ever hugged your computer” or “have you ever said ‘I love you’ to your computer”… both of which I responded yes. Well, the video launched today and it looks awesome. That wide shot with the all the monoliths is epic! And I don’t look like a complete idiot hahahaha!!! Which was my main worry. It’s great to be amongst those other creatives as well. 

My initial reaction when I saw that laptop was that it is really unique and cool looking! It’s super sleek and I love the copper accents. It’s shocking how light and thin it is, though… which makes for a perfect travel laptop. I am really excited to be taking it with me on an upcoming trip to Sedona to check out the landscape and energy vortexes. Any other recommendations? Follow along on my journey with the new Spectre as I #ReinventObsession with HP. And of course, check out the video and some photos of me and the HP Spectre below!

This post is sponsored by HP, but all my thoughts and options are my own. Thank you for helping to support the sponsors that make this blog possible.

Sockless Style with Timberland

July 2, 2016

You probably know from seeing previous posts but I am all about going sockless. Or, rather, wearing no-show socks. I gotta let my ankles be free!! Well, I wrote a thing over on Timberland’s Blog about sockless style. Check it out! Here are some photos from it.